No More Goopy Oral Impressions. The iTero 3D Digital Scanner.

The Modern Alternative to Traditional Putty

The iTero 3D Digital Scanner is an advanced piece of dental technology that Dr. Daren Becker has incorporated into our practice for the convenience it offers to our patients. Used for anything that involves an oral impression, the iTero 3D Digital Scanner is used as an alternative to putty by taking digital impressions of the mouth with an image sensor that renders into a real-time 3D visualization. We use this piece of technology for the following:

  • Milling of physical dental models for labs to create restorative units such as veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, implant abutments and implant crowns
  • Invisalign® digital impression submission
  • Digital records storage
  • Orthodontic diagnosis
iTero® digital imaging in Atlanta

Quick. Efficient. Accurate.

Because of its speed and efficiency, the iTero 3D Digital Scanner allows us to achieve highly accurate digital renderings of your mouth in a fraction of the time as traditional putty, without activating the gag reflex. Our patients are highly satisfied with their evaluation and treatment as a result of the iTero 3D digital scanner, enjoying benefits such as:

No messy, uncomfortable impression putty
Faster, single scan process and less time in the dental chair
A real-time view of the digital impression during diagnosis

Advanced Technology for Streamlined Care

By providing a real-time view of the digital impression, the iTero 3D Digital Scanner allows Dr. Becker to make adjustments as needed, expediting your evaluation, diagnosis or treatment. Combined with more accurate impressions than traditional putty and easy wireless file transmission, this piece of technology has transformed dental care at Atlanta Dental Solutions. Your dental care has never been simpler or more convenient.

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