Crowns and Bridges Can Restore Health and Beauty

Damaged, discolored or missing teeth can have an impact on not only the way you eat and speak, but your outwards appearance as well. Dental crowns and bridges are proven solutions to these common dental issues, and Dr. Daren Becker can work with you to enhance the health, functionality and beauty of your smile. Dr. Becker is a member of the Georgia Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry and can help those with:

  • Cracked, broken, fractured or damaged teeth
  • Severely stained or discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth

Restore the Shape, Size and Strength of Your Tooth with a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that is attached to your existing tooth. This restorative solution is customized to blend seamlessly into your smile, matching the natural size, shape and color of the tooth Dr. Becker is treating. This solution is ideal for:

  • Masking severe stains or discoloration from coffees, teas and tobacco
  • Correcting the size or shape of a tooth to make it more natural
  • Restoring stability and strength to a damaged tooth
  • Completing a dental implant

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

Missing teeth makes it difficult to bite, chew and speak. Dr. Becker can bring back natural functionality into your bite by replacing a missing tooth, or group of teeth, with a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses two or more crowns that are attached to the natural teeth surrounding the missing tooth to fill the gap. This simple and effective solution can:

  • Restore natural bite function so you can chew and speak normally again
  • Maintain the natural appearance and esthetics of your smile
  • Properly distribute the forces of your bite
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting

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