General Dentistry That Goes Beyond Expectation

Exceptional Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Finding quality dental care can be a challenge, but at Atlanta Dental Solutions we have worked hard to make it easy. By trusting your care in the experienced and capable hands of Dr. Daren Becker, you are choosing to form a partnership with a team that provides the highest quality, comprehensive dental services, diagnosis and treatment planning. With convenient care options available all in one office, your treatment can be streamlined for efficiency.

Atlanta general & family dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Services in One Efficient Office

Our team is professionally trained and has years of experience preventing, diagnosing and treating dental conditions. Dr. Becker is happy to offer the following comprehensive services in our office:

  • Composite fillings for cavities and decay
  • Occlusal adjustment to correct bite misalignment
  • Orthodontic clear aligners for straighter smiles
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Scaling and root planing to prevent further progression of gum disease

Effective Treatment Plans from a Team of Highly Qualified Specialists

In the event that a more complex treatment plan is necessary, Dr. Becker is part of a team of specialists that work closely together to plan and execute the most effective treatment plan for your needs. While most doctors would need to refer patients out for services or treatments, we can streamline the process by keeping your treatment within one network of professionals. This takes out the guesswork, multiple assessments and the hassle of referrals, making it simple, easy and efficient for you.

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