Published: 12/14/2017

Whether it is for a simple crown or a porcelain veneer, there are many procedures that require an impression or mold of the mouth. The materials to make these impressions are often goopy and less than enjoyable for the patient. To counteract this discomfort, Dr. Becker has invested in the iTero 3D Digital Scanner that makes it easier to get an impression of your teeth for any procedure.

Most Common Uses

The machine uses technology and digital impression to create a 3D visualization of the tooth or the mouth. Images are used to diagnose orthodontic problems and determine the best way to  straighten teeth for a bright, white smile.

The new technology also makes it easier to keep a copy of your records on file. While our office can’t store an actual impression of your teeth, we can keep digital copies of the impressions to refer to during future treatments or procedures.

Those who choose dental implants will go through a scan to get a complete picture of the mouth before their treatment is finalized and sent off. Using the digital scanner, the pictures are collected quickly and painlessly, Dr. Becker signs off on the adjustments and the images are sent off to have the crown made.

The digital scanner also replaces physical molds for restorative dentistry procedures such as:

• Implant crowns
• Implant abutments
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Onlays
• Inlays
• Veneers

The digital scanner is accurate, efficient and quick. There is no uncomfortable, messy impression putty, the scanner has a real-time view during diagnosis of the digital impression and the single scan process means less time in the chair for the patient.

Learn More About Digital Scanning

If you are considering any type of restorative dentistry, it is likely that you will come into contact with the digital scanner at some point. If you have questions and want to learn more about this advanced tool, feel free to call our office in Atlanta, GA and set up an appointment today.

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